“Alexandru Davila” School, Pitesti (Romania)

Logo of school a. davila

School “Alexandru Davila” is situated in Pitesti (Arges county) in the South-center part of Romania. We have 1030  pupils from 6 to 14 years of age (600 children in primary school, and 530 children in secondary school, coming from different social categories)

In the last years our school involved our students in international programs such as “Spring day”, “School and Classroom Program” and “Learning about forest” (LeAF). Through these actions we tried to develop the abilities of speaking English to our students, creativity and imagination. We are going to undertake different innovative actions to eliminate the differences existing between the educational system of Romania and the European one (acting for equal opportunities in education for all children).

We want to stimulate our children’s ingenuity, and also to stimulate learning English language. Our aim is to teach our pupils to respect other culture, to be creative, independent, free in thoughts, ideas, beliefs and also able to work as a part of a team.

All of the members of the team selected to contribute to the project have teaching activities in Primary Education. They are involved in continuous training programs for preschool and primary teachers’ education, organize conferences and seminaries for primary education field, and are involved in the national preschool and primary education reform movements. Our school is in partnership with the territorial  university and with School Inspectorates for student’s pedagogical practice in  primary schools.