Direzione Didattica, Todi (Italy)

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Piazzale degli Atti, 1, 06059 Todi  (PG)
Segreteria 075/8956812 – 075/8956813 – Fax 075/8956863

Our “Circolo didattico di Todi” is in Todi, a medieval Town (17.000 Inhabitants) in the middle of Italy (Territory of Perugia).

Todi - Circolo didattico  Todi - Circolo didattico

The Institute includes:

  • 6 Kindergarten schools (3-5 years of age)
  • 5 Primary Schools (6-10 years of age)

There are 318 students overall at kindergarten school: 42 are foreign students and 2 are disabled.

There are 618 students overall at primary school: 73 are foreign students and 13 are disabled.

Pupils start learning English at the age of 3.

In our school there are:

  • External teachers for Kindergarten schools: Parents support English projects (one lesson of about 45 minutes a week).
  • Specialized and Curricular teachers for Primary schools.

English lessons at primary school consist of 1 hour a week in the first class, 2 hours a week in the second class, 3 hours a week in the third, fourth and fifth class.

Every year we develop English projects.


During the 2014-2015 school year we were involved in the «Alphabets of Europe»  project which was for Kindergarten schools.

It used digital media (ICT, supported images, videos and animation, sounds, hypertexts) in order to:

  • enhance interactivity,
  • stimulate curiosity,
  • encourage children to explore differences and similarities between languages.

We have organized an extra-curricular course to prepare students of the 5° CLASS (Primary school) for Trinity’s GESE exam (GRADE 1) since 2013.

This school year (2015-2016) we have introduced another extra-curricular course to prepare students for Trinity’s GESE exam (GRADE 2).

The aim is to empower speaking and listening skills focusing on building motivation and confidence in using English.

This is thanks to our head master Silvana Raggetti, who firmly believes in the role of English as a second language. Because it’s starting to teach it to little children that we can obtain great results and all we teachers support her because we agree, of course!