Faculty of Education Sciences (FSEd), University of Pitesti (Romania)

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The University of Piteşti (UPIT) is a public institution since 1962, member of the national higher education system in Romania. The University is organized into 11 faculties: Faculty of Science, Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Mechanics and Technology, Faculty of Electronics, Communications and Computers, Faculty of Orthodox Theology, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, Faculty of Education Sciences, Faculty of Law and Administration. The 23 departments of the University manage a total of 59 undergraduate programmes and 50 master degree programmes. The third cycle of university studies, i.e. the PhD and the postdoctoral studies, is organized in 5 doctoral schools and 9 doctoral domains. Undergraduate training is conducted in two forms: full-time education (54 programmes) and part-time education (5 programmes).

The current number of students enrolled at UPIT is 12,258, of which 9,588 for undergraduate programmes, 2,527 for master degree programmes, and 143 for doctoral programmes. UPIT’s human resource consists of 433 tenured teachers, 135 auxiliary employees and 60 non-academic employees. The permanent academic staff consists of 58 full professors, 80 associate professors, 225 lecturers, 62 assistant lecturers and 8 junior teaching assistants.

The Faculty of Educational Sciences (FSEd) was established in 2005 after restructuring the University College of Educators. It has developed branches in the South-Muntenia region as well as outside the South-Muntenia region. It is enabled to organize activities regarding teachers’ continuous training, professional promotion through the system of granting didactic degrees, as well as specific activities of scientific research and technological development for teachers in preuniversity educational system, including preschool and primary level. It is structured as follows: Department of Education Sciences, Department of Applied Sciences, Department for foreign students. Bachelor Degree programs: Pedagogy of primary and preschool education, Managerial Assistance and Secretariat. Master Degree programs: Educational management, Foreign language didactics, Mentorship for the professionalization of didactic career, Early education.

FSEd participates at competitions for financing researches by projects and contracts organized by The National University Research Council (CNCS). FSEd also has a Centre of Pedagogical Analysis and Development for the implementation of technologies specific of higher education and quality pedagogic management in the University of Pitesti.  FSEd has a Cabinet of Didactic Counseling for the teaching career in order to advise students as regards their career orientation as future teachers and to advise teachers during the programs of continuous training.

All of the members of the team selected to contribute to the project are involved in researching and teaching activities in Preschool and Primary Education Study Programs of the Faculty. They are involved in continuous training programs for preschool and primary teachers’ education, organize conferences and seminaries for kindergarten educators, and are involved in the national preschool and primary education reform movements. All of them are conducting researches in preschool and primary education field.  The faculty is in partnership with territorial School Inspectorates for student’s pedagogical practice in kindergarten and primary schools.

The University of Pitesti and the Faculty of Education Sciences have many years of experience in participating in and managing EU funded projects including Comenius, Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus among others. Financial management of the projects will be overseen by the head of financial administration at the University of Pitesti.