Giunti O.S. Organizzazioni Speciali, Florence (Italy)

Logo Giunti

Founded in Florence in 1950, Giunti O.S. Organizzazioni SpecialiExternal link is the Italian leading publisher of psychodiagnostic tests and tools, in terms of catalogue, history and specific market.

Giunti O.S. operates in the sector of psychological assessment, vocational education and training, multimedia and e-learning, consulting and assessment of competencies, developing tools and innovative methods for different areas of application, such as:

  • clinical: clinical and health psychology, psychiatry and child neuropsychiatry,  neuropsychology, logopedics etc
  • human resources management: industrial and organisational psychology
  • education and guidance: tests for level assessment, diagnosis of learning difficulties, educational, professional and university guidance

The commitment of Giunti O.S. is to offer tools and services of a really high quality, in terms of innovation, scientific contents and relevance, according to the different social and cultural contexts. In particular Giunti O.S. can provides education and training, e-learning, consulting in the IT and e-learning field, assessement of competencies, selection and guidance. Concerning ICT, Giunti OS has developed in particular activities and tools, such as:

  • Asyncronic Webinar
  • Courseware (L.O.)
  • Virtual Scenarios
  • Case studies – Problem based learning
  • Info Graphics
  • Learning games
  • Educational Podcasts for trainers/teachers
  • Web Multiplayer Games
  • DVD – video handbooks etc…

In this regard Giunti O.S. can develop on line courses and provide e-learning services for project’s  purposes. Concerning dissemination and exploitation activties, Giunti OS will implement them through the a specialized network of linked companies in many European countries, with headquarters  in the following towns: Athens, Bucharest, Budapest, Istanbul, Kiev, Moscow, Parigi, Santiago del Cile, Shanghai, and Sofia.

Giunti O.S. is part of Giunti Group PublisherExternal link  (the third italian publisher) and then it will guarantee dissemination and exploitation actions through the Giunti Group network and activies, compunded by:

  • more then 1,120 employees
  • a catalogue with 8,100 active titles
  • 16 companies
  • publication of 8 national magazines on different topics (from psychology to archeology, art, childhood etc..)
  • “Giunti al Punto”, a network with about 180 bookshops throughout Italy.

Giunti O.S., together with Giunti ScuolaExternal link, will bring in the project its expertise and potential of impact in the school world, in Italy thanks to the the journals Vita ScolasticaExternal link and Psicologia e ScuolaExternal link.