Szkoła Podstawowa nr 199, Lodz (Poland)

Szkola Podstawowa

Szkoła Podstawowa nr 199 is a big institution situated in Łódź, in the centre of Poland. It offers education to approximately  600 children aged  5 to 12, taught by 44 teachers Altogether, we teach 25 classes, beginning with preparatory “0” class and ending with 6th form.

SP 199 is an outstanding school with expertise in a lot of areas, from great teaching and learning to supporting a well varied curriculum to wider extra curricular activities,  helping  the children prepare for the future. The aim of the school is to provide each child with the opportunity to succeed, and  SP 199 aims to value each student as a unique individual whose full potential can be developed in a community.

SP 199 has been involved in a successful Comenius project before. This has been a fantastic opportunity for all staff, parents and children to understand the world in a wider context and travel to see different teaching and learning strategies within European partner schools. Teachers have also taken part in Comenius training courses within the Lifelong Learning Programme and in 2013 we hosted a Comenius Assistant from Turkey, who worked as a CLIL teacher to most of the classes.