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The Language Center srl or TLC was founded by Stefania Belli in 1988 and since then has been a future-oriented  Language Training Institute, sensitive to cultural changes and market needs. We are  located d in Todi, a very charming small medieval town in Umbria, the Italian Region called the “green heart of Italy”. Innovation has always been one of our key features:

  • Focus on the human centered approach
  • Developing the right side of the brain
  • Creative learning
  • Holistic approach
  • Language coaching

The student is the focal point:  this recalls the theories of American psychologist Carl Rogers (1902-1987), founder of the humanistic “human-centered approach”.

What we do


  • Full Immersion in general and business English or other languages (French, German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Arab)
  • Managerial Programs in English for International Corporations
  • Extensive courses in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian as a foreign language
  • La Lingua La Vita, special program with Italian culture and language courses
  • Teacher Training Courses for specific teachers working with immigrants and under priviledged
  • Courses for immigrants (Italian as a foreign language)
  • English Summer Camp for kids and teenagers in country-houses
  • Skype lessons in many languages
  • Teachers Training specifically for managerial programs

Interprofessional Fund Association

We provide language training and consultancy for the following  Italian Funding  Associations: Fondir, Fondirigenti, For.te,Fondimpresa

We assist our clients in the application, financing, planning  and subsequent reporting phases.

Our role in the project:

  • applicant organization and Coordinator of the Project
  • legal entity that applied for the call of proposals
  • participant in all project activities

More Information

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Employees working in the project

  • Stefania Belli – Tlc owner and director and Project Coordinator
  • Francesca Granieri – Tlc sales manager and Project Coordinator
Stefania BELLI
Stefania BELLI
Francesca GRANIERI
Francesca GRANIERI