State of art report about use of CLIL methodology in primary schools – ENG

A4-01-State of the Art - Cover_v01

This Report collects information on current experience and state of the art in using CLIL methodology in primary schools in partner countries and more in general in the EU. These information have been collected by desk research and questionnaires.

C4C has carried out a review of theories developed on this topic (books, articles on scholarly journals, articles on website). Every main method (with related supporting theory) has been described in one separate chapter. Each method has been discussed under different points of view, including:

  • optimum age range and group dimension of children
  • overall level of complexity in application
  • amount of training requested to teachers
  • requested equipment
  • expected results
  • web and paper based sources of information on the methodology.

One section of the study contains a narrative by each Partner of their current methodology(s) for promoting CLIL.

A number of examples of good practice have been selected. The Report will also contain a description of the results obtained by the Survey carried out with questionnaires.